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Forum Meeting Scheduling Module to improve Member Participation
May 2020

Forum Meeting Scheduling Module to improve Member Participation


Client is from a pioneering business network with huge no of members enrolled across various chapters in different countries. They aim to get themselves transformed through leadership-development programs that educate them besides offer them growth opportunities for greater business success.


Client is already a user of ShowTime association event app, now they prefer to have the app enhanced with a module for Forum meeting scheduling.

What We did

We have included a new menu called Forum Meeting Scheduling Module to enable the forum moderator schedule the Forum meeting thru the Mobile App.

Significant features of this module includes the following,

  • Forum Moderator will provide the optional dates for the Members along with one main date & timings
  • Members based on their availability should either Accept the date or they can request to change the Date & Timing
  • Further to the above the other thing they could do is select any one date/timing among the given option based on their availability
  • Still even if any of the option provided or timing mentioned doesn’t suit them then they can select share their availability on the month

In addition to the above, Forum Moderator can set the Meeting points. Meeting points are specific to the Forum meetings. So the attendees of the meeting will be receiving the points for attending the meetings. Finally, the Forum Meeting scheduling system will propose the best date & timing for the meetings and the confirmed data & time will be sent to the respective forum members thru Mobile Event App as push notifications. Attendee can view to the meeting details along with RSVP options under the “Upcoming Events & Meeting” of the Events & Meetings list screen.

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Forum moderator can schedule the Forum meeting thru the Mobile Event App on the go
  • For convenience, multiple option of schedule for one meeting can be made
  • Members have flexibility to suggest their available time for the meeting
  • RSVP and reminders will be sent once Forum meeting date, time and location is finalized

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