Mobile Event App Features
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Showtime is a powerful mobile event app platform that helps event organizers to create and run exclusive mobile apps for both global and regional events. Showtime feature-rich native app will help you get the most out of your event in a cost-effective way. Rich user modules here will amplify attendee engagement besides make the event memorable. This mobile event app will serve as a complete guide to the event attendees. With this event management app event organizer can facilitate participants to get info on the event, schedule, organizer, sponsor, delegates and speaker bio from their iPhone & Android

Activity Feed Activity Feed

Showtime product facilitates this option to delegates for Socialization with other delegates. Post text messages with relevant photos, update any specific happening at the event, share updates about event / sessions to the attendees. On liking a post associated user will be notified on it. By using @ symbol you can send message to a particular member, # tag followed by keyword can equip you find specific user conversation.

Event Info Event Info

Event organizer can make use of this platform to put event related information in the palm of their hands. Create multiple events with brand logo & follow custom style, colors to match your organization’s identify. Event agendas, venue information on Interactive maps, can be published & updated for last minute changes through push notifications.

Event Info Schedule Event

Promote your event with ease & deliver a richer experience for attendees

Plan Event Date & time Plan Event Date & time

Event organizer can use event calendar to schedule event dates, event timing, event name, event status in a particular month. This feature lets delegates /attendees to mark important dates, search & list all upcoming events details.

Speaker / Organisers Speaker / Organizers

Speaker / presenters profile with discussion topic, Name, Image, social media links, mobile number, description can be published and attendee can view those info & mark his interest and /or plan to attend the session right from speakers’ profile. Event organizer can publish their information’s like name, logo, description and social / website links and increase exposure

Survey Survey

An inevitable feature to collect feedback on your event and sessions, understand & improve attendee experiences. Pre-event surveys help event organizers assess audience’s expectations & create program that is of great value to them. Post event survey measure attendee satisfaction and refine future events to create a fantastic experience for your attendees.

Ask Ask

Enables attendee to get involved and ask questions, increases interactivity by engaging attendees with live polling, Q&A, instant messaging and surveys. This feature lets attendee to ask their queries by selecting the session, speaker and entering the question. Ensure attendees are getting the information they need quickly through the app.

Sponsors Sponsors

Event sponsor list can be published here with name, their brand logo, description, website/social URL’s etc. Banner highlight, splash screen, pop-ups etc will act as a great marketing tool to increase their brand visibility.

Gallery Gallery

For engaging & treasuring the magical moments app has provision to upload photos / videos taken. Admin can upload Images and videos of the events. Event attendee can download them & recollect the memories and delightful experience they had during the event.

News News

The recent news will be the top news in the list, this is to keep attendee up to date on latest trending topics, gain insight information that keep them aware and derive meaningful value from their membership.

Mobile Event App Notification and Reminder Settings

Users can set their preferences for the in app notifications required. Like alerts for reminding on meetings & events

Mobile Event App Favorites

Favorite speakers or events tagged by the user will be displayed here. He can also bookmark, set their preferences for the in app notifications Like alerts for reminding on meetings & events.

Benefits of Mobile Event App

  • More Engagement and Insight
  • Better way to communicate announcements
  • Increase Branding & Sponsorship Revenue
  • RSVP with Real Time Attendance
  • One event app for multiple events
  • Your Event in your Delegates
  • Better way to communicate fingertips
  • Experience a winning event
  • Experience a winning event Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors
  • Event Calendar
  • Enhance networking experience

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