Event app technology to help attendees network
May  2016

Event app technology to help attendees network

Attendees use their mobile device to access event content more than any other platform. Besides, As mobile devices have become more common, plan your event app and networking solutions around how your attendees will use them.

Mobile event app makes it easier for Event stakeholders to help attendees productively network and communicate with each other. When an event organizer introduces Showtime mobile event apps to their events, their attendees’ can converse with each other through direct messaging, exchange ideas, join a discussion, or schedule time to meet up, right from their phone or tablet.

Networking is primary thing for which people go to tradeshows, association events and conferences. A major value that meetings & conferences provide to attendees is facilitating them to build strong professional connections, network with like-minded peers and establish relationships with experts in their field. Attendee list in the mobile event app will displays others who share the same interests, for easy networking and discovery.

Few Essential Attendee networking features present include

  • Go to meetings and conferences to learn from and connect with others
  • Easily find your way around on the show floor
  • Get Essential push notifications in real time
  • Complete the survey immediately following session completion

Digitization your event with mobile event management app tool will allow event organizers to communicate in new ways that have never been possible. To make your event go mobile, and provide your attendee engagement and networking experience you can contact us.

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