Mobile Event App features for attendee Convenience
May  2016

Mobile Event App features for attendee Convenience

A well-designed mobile meeting app has features & components that can help attendees become more comfortable. It will serve as a guide to the members of the associations and allow association members to get benefitted not only at the event, but even after by increasing engagement and enabling better networking opportunities.

Attendee List

Releasing the mobile event app two week before the event with total attendee list will really support attendees to remove their pain point –“I don’t know anyone at the event”. By viewing the list of attendees they might make out whom they might know or whom they would be interested in meeting.

Schedule Remainders

Actually before the meeting attendees can view the event agenda and doesn’t need to get besieged by seeing the size of the conference/ seminar, Instead can add the sessions they are interested in alone so as to get alerts / remainders about any specific speakers / event they want to join.
Moderated Q& A

For attendees whose pain is not to ask their question in front of all association members the mobile event app provides the most engaging interactive tools Q & A where they can connect by sending questions to the speaker and the speaker can answer questions at will.

Social Connections

During sessions breaks, these conversations are often continued in the hallway, to enhance participant experience these apps allow audience to converse, share ideas and comments with others on platform ( Facebook, twitter, Linked In) where your community already has a voice.

To make your association / club meetings better for every single stakeholder adopt Showtime mobile event app with features to functions as a catalyst for attendee team-building.

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