Stakeholders Engagement Strategies
May  2016

Stakeholders Engagement Strategies

Loads of statistics/data from various sources can be taken –up to measure the count of stakeholder’s engagement with one’s companies products. In short, stakeholders are persons or users who connect with them in order to get an output i.e. solution or result that could possibly progress them. Success of a business lies in increasing the percentage of stakeholder’s engagement for their products or services across the competition. For any business, the key for corporate social responsibility depends on their accountability to engage stakeholders.

Why Mobile Apps for Stakeholders Engagement:

Above 80% of businesses today rely on the mobile market i.e. mobile apps to increase their brand value and revenue compared to that of their competitors. Studies from Google and other top media also reveals more than 400% growth is seen over the past years in terms of mobile and mobile app usage.

Engaging more stakeholders via mobile apps helps to acquire long–term consistent results with sustainability among the competition. Compared to software/desktop websites stakeholders are more likely engaging with mobile apps than mobile websites.

Fundamental principles of Stakeholders Engagement:

  • Proper planning
  • Communicate with the business
  • Humanity & Responsibility
  • Risk management
  • Understand value of the product/business

How to engage Stakeholders with Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps that are naturally built with call-to-action is the first step to engage the stakeholders genuinely. Procurement related data makes the stakeholders more engaged in mobile apps meaningfully and interactively.

Here are some important steps to be followed to make the stakeholders more engaged;

  • Updated data in mobile apps
  • Metrics to measure the navigation
  • Make engage with interactive things
  • Fulfill the requirements of the stakeholders
  • Implement latest technologies in the platform

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