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Customized Activity Feed Module Integration
Jun 2018

Customized Activity Feed Module Integration


Chief Executives Members Organization that has more than 25,000 members who have come together from cities around the world to engage, learn and grow


Client requirement was to keep restriction for association members to view each other members profile information and posts even though they belong to the same community & they are well known to each other.

What We did

Showtime Mobile event app development team at ANGLER customized our Flagship product ShowTime with certain limitations for the client by changing the activity feed and member connect features. A Member should formally send a Friend Request to another member, the member who receives the request shall Accept or Reject it. Only on his acceptance the other member shall become his friend and will have privilege to access his profile information’s and get notification on his post

Technology Platform

Android, iOS


  • Avoid unlimited and unwanted notifications
  • Avoid irrelevant tags and post on timeline
  • Protect Member data from loss / unauthorized access
  • Connect with members based on interest

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