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Enriched Event Management Software with In-app Advertisement Feature
Mar 2019

Enriched Event Management Software with In-app Advertisement Feature


The client representing the packaging is an apex body, one of the most active and well organized trade bodies, representing major players from the corrugated box manufacturing industry in India. It has over 200 members and is a federation of 12 associations, each for a region of India.


The client has already the Showtime association app in use for them. but now wants to add a new feature. The requirement is to display advertisements in-app. It’s actually an enhancement on their existing association app and based on application’s template.

What We did

The Mobile Technical Team at Angler analyzed this requirement and took it up as an enhancement task. The feature will now display advertisements dynamically on the screens of the app, visible to all users and regulated by the admin.

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Expanding the Market
  • Increasing Sales
  • Introducing new products in the market
  • All association app users can see the advertisement(s)
  • Publish customized Ads from the admin panel provided
  • Precisely reach the ideal audience you prefer
  • Most effective Ad network at targeting the right group
  • Integrates seamlessly into the UX of the mobile app

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