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Mobile App enhanced with payment option for subscription & renewal by members
Nov 2018

Mobile App enhanced with payment option for subscription & renewal by members


The client is a professional event management organization which is conducting many large events effectively for its clientele.


The client already owns Showtime mobile app that comes with many features, but now they want to enhance it with subscription’ feature, wherein members can use it for free over first 3 months & later opt for and choose half yearly or yearly plan to continue usage.

What We did

We enhanced Showtime mobile event app platform with the ‘Online Payment’ facility and Subscription Plan, to join as a Member and use the features, the member has to register with an application. The subscription is free on registration for the first 3 months.
At the end of that free period an automatic pop-up alert message will appear prompting with ‘Yes’ or ‘New’ option, to help the member renew the subscription. On clicking ‘OK’, it will direct the member to a Payment page where the member can choose a subscription plan for 6 months or 1 year. Thereafter member details and Payment report will be generated.

Technology Platform

Android, iOS, Web


  • The Subscription Alert Message in a Pop-up on time
  • Easy Online Payment option to Renew Subscription plan
  • App triggers subscription and payment related notifications
  • Admin can Manage both Events & Member Subscription from web admin console

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