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Showtime Mobile App customized for a Conference
Oct 2016

Showtime Mobile App customized for a Conference


Client belongs to a leading peer-to-peer entrepreneur network. It aims at influencing the community members in all aspects of their journey.


Client required the existing EO conference mobile application with a few additional options that includes offsites Schedule, dine around Locations, where individual delegate will have separate login to share their views on the activities and to enhance the user interaction with the co-delegates to the next level.

What We did

ANGLER successfully developed the mobile app & web application where the end users can login and view the event schedule, avail the existing features of a conference app along with a few additional options as follows.

  •  Offsites – To have a clear picture of list of the list places the delegates are going to visit during the conference.
  •  Dine Around – To show the list of places the hosts are hosting the banquet at various places in the city with their respective teams.
  •  Activity feeds – Delegates can share their views which is of any kind ranging from a simple text to a group or a complex image with caption. Also they can share or comment on the views expressed by other delegates.

Technology Platform

Android, IOS


The following are the benefits of the application

  • Delegates can never get diverted at any point from the schedule.
  • Notifications of the schedule & the current proceedings of the events happening of the conference.
  • All the nearby happenings for the event will be notified to them as push notifications from Admin panel.
  • Activity feeds enables the delegates to post their view on a particular topic.
  • Other users connected can view the post and comment on that particular feed by providing their view.
  • Users can upload images & later delete that particular post they posted.
  • Delegates can share that particular post to their Facebook or Twitter account directly from their account.

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