Massive usage of ShowTime Mobile Event app
Jun 2016

Massive usage of ShowTime Mobile Event app

Showtime Event Management Mobile App from ANGLER is sought by various event organizers to engage event audience and increase ROI. No doubt, with this feature rich native app an event organizer can get the most out of their event in a cost-effective way. As it actually helps event organizers & planners to handle the entire event cycle seamlessly and efficiently its usage has considerably increased in recent days.

We at ANGLER are delighted to let our readers know that in particular, Showtime app has been used by more than 200 events & 2, 00,000 attendees within a year. It’s wide reach among Event Management has proven that it’s a must have one for every event. Moreover, we could see Mobile apps for Events makes sense as attendees have the convenience of having relevant information at their fingertips and they are no more in need of printing programs and carrying brochure.

Advantage of Possessing Showtime Event app

  • Connect with your attendees before, during and after your events
  • Wide reach due to provision for usage of social networks for engagement
  • Quick access to info’s like schedule, venue -direction, speakers profile
  • Easy to Send updates remainders, Alerts & Push notifications for all attendees
  • Engage audiences with live questions & receive instant feedback

In general Event apps play a major role as it doesn’t just make life easier for an Event organizer, besides it provides benefits for attendees as well. To revolutionize your events, adopt Mobile App Technology and attract attendee attention, process information much quicker and deeper than ever before.

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