A complete Mobile App that’s best to Manage Events and Conferences
Aug 2019

A complete Mobile App that’s best to Manage Events and Conferences

To manage events or to organize conferences for various purposes, involves a lot of organizational skills, personnel and hard work. This is exactly where the mobile application Showtime can step in as a versatile virtual assistant. This Showtime’s  event app is appropriate for event professionals. It is one of the best mobile app for Events and Conferences and is cost-effective.

The Showtime’s mobile event app developed by ANGLER Technologies and is compatible on both the iOS and Android platforms. Having strong domain knowledge in management of events and conferences, the mobile app comes with Rich Look user interface, data security, user friendliness and is free of bugs. The special features built into it can enhance user experience to make it the best-in-class product. Online registration can be processed via the app.

The mobile app can list all upcoming, past and future events with its agenda, Google Map Route directions to the venue, Start & End Dates, Time, Venue features. The payments can be processed through secure payment gateways. The app would be able to predict the number of attendees which leads to successive planning & organizing of the Events & Conferences. Attendees using the app can access the app directory info.

App Directory & List. The app can host on the Member Directory the listed attendees along with their details, like mobile phone and email links. Attendees can thus communicate with other attendees before and after the event/meeting. Similarly, the name and details of speakers/presenters too can be accessed by attendees.

Schedule functionality. Attendees can select the event/conference form the list in the directory. It can be placed in the My Schedule feature on the app. Thus attendees can easily identify their preferred event/meeting as per their requirements or availability.

As a Platform. Showtime app can be used as a platform or forum where attendees / participants can ask their queries to speakers/presenter and the response/answers can be shared with others in the directory.

Activity Feed. The app facilitates attendees/member to share information and updates, also allowing HQ images to be uploaded. They can also mark like, comment or share any post here. It works similar to popular social media platforms through which member engagement can be improved.

Attendance based on Geo Location. Users of the app can mark their attendance at their fingertips, as attendance can be given on the spot on reaching the venue/location. A real time attendance facility easily addresses the pain points of the attendance report.

Promotion facility. The Showtime app can help to promote the Event/Conference with support like E-mailers, WhatsApp Flyer Images, User Manual and install supports.

This fully feature-rich native app will enhance the event experience with the help of highly customizable & intuitive features, to help you get the most out of your event/conference in a cost-effective way. Select Showtime and differentiate your event with our mobile supported platform that scales effortlessly to meet your needs and requirements dynamically in real-time.

Showtime offers cutting edge experiences for attendees and organizers over secure yet simple deployments. For more information, or a demo, contact us or visit our website.

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