A Complete Event Management App which requires NO Technical Expertise
Apr 2019

A Complete Event Management App which requires NO Technical Expertise

Event Organizers are using Mobile event apps to bring their events to the next level. Leveraging an instant event management app doesn’t need any technical expertise, but it’s extremely important to create a buzz, network & increase attendee engagement. With ANGLER’s Showtime Event Management App organizers can achieve these objectives even without any prior training or learning requirement.

Event organizers / Event planning company can adopt ShowTime’s Event Management App and easily perform the following.

Pre-Event Activities

  • Post an events along with media attachments such as event brochure, event descriptions, website, agenda of the events
  • Post venue of the events, guests of the events, Speakers of the Events and contact details of the event organizer
  • Configure online registration, announce offer details for registrations if any
  • Sharing the event details / updates via mobile notifications to the registered users
  • Publish the news along with media and text contents, share to all the mobile app users via Notifications

During the Event Activities

  • To track the statistics about the participants, the Event Management Software have attendance functionalities based on the event- venue location
  • Options to upload the photographs / video of the current event- activities
  • Sharing the activity feed with media attachments (Images and Videos)

Post Event Activities

  • Organizers can send MOM along with the collateral’s to all the participants
  • Organizers can look in to statistics about the attendance in the dashboard
  • Feedback sharing and Rating features for each and every meeting with the effective 5 queries

Event app technology allows event manager to cut costs, attract more attendees and gather insights that help them to better structure the app for future events.

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