How to make the most out of your Association Meetings?
May  2018

How to make the most out of your Association Meetings?

Especially Associations & conference organizers are now only starting to see the value of event apps. A recent study states that an association meeting that attracts one third of its members is said to increase when event app is being adopted. Providing an event app for association events will give event attendees a one-in-all channel for communication. It further lets association event organizers to showcase everything including annual conferences, chapter meetings, workshops, training sessions, committee meetings and more.
In general, event apps are a great communications tool for event managers and it facilitates two-way engagement between both parties (event organizer / attendees). By adopting this event app, associations can go the extra mile and make attendees feel valued even after the event.

  • Associations can give attendees info prior to the event, share any event updates ask for member feedback regarding their desired speaker and agenda topics of discussion.
  • Associations easily do before-and-after communication directly from the event management mobile app and excite association member’s year round, convert all their events a grand success.
  • By hosting an an event app Organizer can easily upload event related documents, publications get RSVP response which help them improve the event besides make the members feel appreciated

Statistics state 6 out of 10 meeting planners have started to employ mobile apps at their events as it helps the community to gather valuable feedback.  To build one event app for your Association event you can contact us. We make mobile event apps for iPhone, Android that enable you to engage your members daily with a place for conversations, information sharing, and more.

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