Organize a Successful Interactive Conference with Event apps
Mar  2018

Organize a Successful Interactive Conference with Event apps

For a successful conference, you have to build an event app that make the event interactive rather than just having the speaker talk the whole time. As personalizing things to kindle attendee interest is significant, choose a mobile event management app that helps event planners / organizations to seamlessly do all the event related tasks. Visually-rich and engaging apps with features such as LIVE voting, Q&A, rating and chat, can actually increase your event’s impact, ROI.

Event Management App is actually a communication platform that assist you in building your community network. By making your event livelier & vibrant you can transform your audience into active participants. It’s a powerful tool with which you can create truly memorable events that deliver on these objectives as well optimizes the delegate experience.

Discover the Interactive Features that maximize engagement

  • You can share photos, links, videos and more
  • Comment on other attendees posts too
  • Collect attendee feedback from your session
  • Message one another directly from the app
  • Get in the moment updates via push notifications

With effective use of mobile technology & social media network create a buzz about your conference and optimize outcomes. Digitalize & encourage participants to become active participants in some shape or form by creating channels to discuss on upcoming activities, shared interests.

To create custom-branded mobile event app for your next event contact us. With all of this end-to-end features plan to get the most out of attendee experience at your conference!

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