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Association Mobile App enriched with Global Networking Feature
Aug 2017

Association Mobile App enriched with Global Networking Feature


Client is from south Asian region larger association. The objective of the association is to help their association members stay in touch with each other instantly.


Client requirement was to facilitate association member to access their event app instantly with few add-on features. To them event apps are not just for making access comfortable besides its primarily for Members communication, to find out who is registered among their connections to attend certain events.

What we did

We gave them our ShowTime mobile app with ease to use features for socialization of the association members with various chapter members globally, & through various platforms (phone, messenger, e-mail) all through the year. This app enabled association members to initiate conversations with each other, find mutual availability for certain events and also to register for sessions with smart recommendations. The app in specific enabled members to search for others & connect through private chat. Association members can make the best use of the app features and update their interest & hobby so as to facilitate others to also find them by filtering by industry or hobbies.

Technology Platform

Android, iOS


  • Access Member bio Information with interests & hobbies
  • See the sessions your favorite friend participates in & plan to accompany
  • Share learning event experiences through social media outlets
  • Build out a complete profile which includes special interests

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