Event app Upgraded with Newsletter Commenting Feature Bookmark and Share

Association Mobile App enriched with Activity feed feature


Client belongs to a reputed Entrepreneur Association in Delhi. The objective of the association is to transform the lives of those who transform the world. This platform will help the members to stay constantly connected with everything exciting that we have to offer to our membership!


Client requirement was to upgrade their association event app with few add-on features, display the newsletter in blog style with option for commenting, they also asked an option to view other association member’s comments which are posted.

What we did

Mobile App Development team at ANGLER successfully incorporated the feature in the Showtime application. The newsletter module is provided with post comments publishing feasibility for the Newsletter and the same will be displayed on all association member’s screen.

WebSocket implementation is done to receive instantaneous updates on all member’s screen. We have also enabled one more option, were members can report a particular comment as spam and the spammed comment will be displayed in the Admin panel, later admin can verify the authenticity of the spam report and remove the same.

Technology Platform

Android, iOS


  • Members can post their comment
  • View Other Members Comment
  • Develop business network, socialize and have fun
  • Constantly Stay in touch with association members
  • Stay abreast of the latest happenings

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