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Mobile Event App UI Revamp for better User Engagement
Nov 2018

Mobile Event App UI Revamp for better User Engagement


Influential business owner’s association with about 179 chapters spread over 57 countries. It acts as catalyst that enables its members, business professionals to learn & overcome challenges in business & beyond.


They were already using Showtime event app for their entrepreneurs’ organization, presently they were in need of UI revamp for better user engagement, a step towards making it more familiar.

What We did

Our mobile app development team in association with our UI design team revamped the Apps UI so as to give its members a pleasurable experience. This work made the app easy to navigate even for users, besides the stunning look & feel of few screens (User Profile, Meeting & Events, Member connect, Message categorization) using gorgeous colors, elegant symbols, buttons, font style, and icons increased the apps usage.

The revamp approach was smart in the way, designers analyzed the code & made few coding work for the new UI without affecting the functionality in Less TAT. In fact, the outlook was entirely different and the client was satisfied and delighted with the apps current look.

Technology Platform

Android, iOS & Web


  • Fit to current market trend
  • Simple and sophisticated design
  • Personalized for client association
  • Usability and User engagement
  • Enhancing App Performance

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