Mobile Event App enhanced with Uploading Features for Manufacturers Association Bookmark and Share

mobile app for manufacturers association


Client belongs to a leading manufacturers association of India having 12 regional associations with a membership of over 2000 manufacturers.


They were in need of upgrading their association mobile app’s activity feed module with options to share images and videos to be enhanced for uploading word, excel and PDF documents as well as like images.

What We did

Mobile app development team at ANGLER took up this as an enhancement and analyzed on means to bring in the client requirement in the existing activity feed with no impact of the design and functionality of the existing feature.

Now When a member does a post in the activity feed he / she shall select any of the below format

  • Image
  • Word Document
  • Excel Sheet
  • PDF

We have also given provision for them to add a description and publish it to the members. In the home screen / activity screen of the app this documents will be listed as Whatsup with an icon in the left and document name in the parallel right. When a member tap on these documents it will open up in the respective viewer.

Technology Platform

Android, iOS & Web


  • Ever unique document sharing through activity feed
  • Member awareness and view on important documents like
    • MOM
    • Association
    • Association
    • Meeting agenda
    • Event registration
  • What’s app like document display
  • Quick access to any documents

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