Any exhibitor’s marketing plan needs a trade-show app integrated to be effective
May  2019

Any exhibitor’s marketing plan needs a trade-show app integrated to be effective

Trade shows are an opportunity to market a company’s products and services at, a predetermined time and venue. The marketing team gets the chance to meet face to face with prospective customers visiting. Generally, a trade-show organizer spends a lot in printed material, flyers and pamphlets, but there’s a way to reduce all the paper work and literature, which is to go electronic.

Great Marketing Tool

With help of Wi-Fi and mobile technology, the Trade Fair Managers and exhibitors have exploited the advantage of the internet and mobile apps, supported by portable devices. The mobile event app is a good marketing tool and a practical solution to event managers and marketers to include. Trade show apps are a great way to reach goals, like sharing information instantly via the personal device. Serve up the most relevant content for the trade fair or event to attract participants and visitors.

As for exhibitors, a mobile app works and is very helpful in their marketing plan if they are attending or participating in multiple shows, or events catering to multiple markets. Marketers and exhibitors can use different design templates flexibly for the UI of the application, as like window-dressing, for each trade show/fair or event that’s being promoted. Use the services of an app development agency to optimize your efforts.

Engage the App Users

The mobile app has the particular benefit of push notifications to reach app users. It is a communication tool to drive traffic in, specifically useful to special events, conferences/seminars, with different sessions or for evening events. Another benefit is the reusable data captured and for follow up post-event, for update, future invites or brand recall strategy.

The app can be used for revenue generation too as in the case of registrations, fees, hosting, in-app advertisements or banner messages. Marketers can use gamification to engage the users better, plus offer special prizes and rewards. The app can also be used by organizers to pass on relevant updates and information in real-time.

At ANGLER the Showtime mobile event app provides the right solution to event managers and organizers from any industry or body. A dedicated team can customize the application very cost-effectively and quickly. The  trade show app can be published online to be easily downloaded and used by interested users. The life of the trade show mobile app and uses can be defined before, during or after the project. Contact us for demo, or to know more visit You can also leave us an enquiry.

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