Effective Ways to use Social Media Platform to engage attendees
Feb  2016

Effective Ways to use Social Media Platform to engage attendees

To actively market the event, ensure to utilize the most appropriate social media network. Thinks you do before the event decides the turnout, so plan to incorporate more than one social media platform for event marketing.

Before Event

Face book is a best social media tool to increase awareness of the meeting, conference, tradeshow, conference. In fact, it’s used by many event planners as they can easily convey it directly as message or through post. Facebook users can share the event info with their connections and thereby get it made known to all people in their circle.

During the Event

Once the event commenced, most event attendees may be away from the computer and so twitter network which is mostly accessed via Mobile device will be the most favored one to get tweets. To make your attendees active use twitter walls and enable it to be displayed in display monitors placed at strategically suitable places. Encourage them to submit tweets and make your event hashtag to trend online for easy discovery & potential reach.

As people are increasingly taking selfie photos during the event Meeting, Event organisers believe Instagram as another best social media platform favoured by attendees when an event is in progress.

After the event

To make attendees use social media right even after an event make use of Facebook or LinkedIn networking platforms in addition to twitter & Instagram. Here you could thank them for attending this year’s gathering, more over share event photos. Further in social media you must spend few times on sharing and talking about content published by others, for ex. you can like or comment on their photo and direct them to your event website by placing a link in the comment.

Social media marketing is all about generating reach and driving qualified traffic to your event website. Studies have proven that social media has a higher lead-to-close rate than that of other outbound marketing. For details Contact us.

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