Tips to Increase Event App Downloads
Jan  2016

Tips to Increase Event App Downloads

Event planning may seem stressful, but by utilizing technology you can keep things organized and aim to reach potential attendees. Mobile event apps offer significant value for both event hosting organizations and attendees, generating downloads and motivating usage is the greatest challenge, even with mobile-savvy participants. The ultimate goal of any event organizer would be to help exhibitors & attendees get the most out of each face to face event.

Actually by having these Mobile app for events you can help your attendees easily manage the event schedule , increase networking opportunities, instantly connect with the event using audience response and enable them share takeaways with others, navigate their way around the event right from their smart phones.

Tips to increase Event App downloads

Before the event,

  • Don’t forget to make your app part of initial communication, make your attendees feel it like an essential piece of the experience.
  • Publicize it on social media platforms and integrate provision to download from registration page.

During the event

  • Don’t stop to promote your app download, ensure to catch those missed attendees by Promoting download link on everything-email or SMS communications, registration signage, posters, flyers, push alerts etc
  • Consider to integrating direct paths to download like scan able QR codes or step-by-step instructions that assist attendees to quickly and easily find your app on the App Store or Google Play
  • Know anything that provide value to the event experience will help increase downloads so offer compelling reasons

After Event

Says thanks and include the benefits of your app, audience engaged post-event ensures you have a solid foundation for promoting future events or even, inviting attendees back for next year

Planning for an event is always easier with an enthusiastic team at your back, but before your next event, Plan to adopt Showtime Mobile event app & gives users rich experience.

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