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Association Mobile Event App upgraded with Member & Spouse Engagement Feature
May 2020

Association Mobile Event App upgraded with Member & Spouse Engagement Feature


Belongs to a reputed non-profit making organization that have made significant contributions to their members. With thousands of chapters across the world they Organize learning events to assist other members to learn & succeed from Peers..


Client wants to increase the Members & Spouse engagement level with their Chapter Events. So they introduced Engagement point, to quantify the association Members & Spouses Engagement level based on their attendance for their Chapter events.

What We did

As they are already using our Mobile Event App, we collected their requirement & made a small enhancement, with member & spouse engagement point system in following ways.

  • The weightage Points for each event types remains the same or different and it is based on Chapter Boards / Local Chapter objective for driving the Member Engagement
  • The engagement points will be taken to account if only if Member/Spouse responds for RSVP via app
  • RSVP summary is reviewed by respective chapter admins and the actual is verified and confirmed by admin based on Members & Spouse presence in events
  • Member & spouse can view the current engagement points thru Mobile app profile screen
  • Chapter Board / Admin is having the facility to view the top three members & spouses who have scored the highest engagement points which can be used to give away Member Awards

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Member & spouse engagement points system inclusion in the app helps the organization to improve association member engagement
  • Member awards will provide the motivation and enthusiasm among the Members for attending the Chapter Events
  • This point system will help Chapter Heads/Admin, to know/ quantity how the Members & Spouse are engaged with their Chapters

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