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Added feature in association app helps to register or cancel participation instantly
May 2020

Added feature in association app helps to register or cancel participation instantly


The client is a global business network of members active in 58 countries with over 13,000 members It educates, inspires, offers invaluable resources to members via various events and programs, besides other things for professional and personal growth.


In client’s mobile event app for association they wanted to view the comprehensive list of Events & Meeting details on their association app with a rich looking UI. They also wanted a facility to provide the Event Registration along with the Guest, for the Member & Spouses, at their fingertips. They also needed a facility to ‘Cancel’ registration, based on Members’ sudden decisions or busy schedule, on the date of the event planned.

What We did

In the existing Showtime’s association mobile event app, ANGLER has added the Events & Meeting screen to seamlessly register /cancel for an Event or program. Members & Spouses will be notified, on each new Events being scheduled, by the Chapter Admin and Regional Admin.  Just tabbing on the Push notification will show the Event details such as title, description, venue, Event Flyer, Event Gallery, along with the Event Registration button, in a single screen for both the Members & Spouses. RSVP responses are instantly updated to the Chapter Admin/Regional Heads, via the app.

Technology Platform

Android & iOS


  • Seamless Event Management on Android & iOS mobile device
  • Enabled to Register / cancel for the scheduled event at members & Spouses finger tips
  • Members & Spouses get notified instantly, when an event is created, by the Chapter Head or Regional Head
  • Chapter Admin can view the summary of RSVP responses instantly

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